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August 14, 2018
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Cloud-based Accounting Apps

Cloud-based Accounting Apps: Everything these days will definitely sound futuristic if you knew about them back in the decades past. Sometimes, our old-school selves find it difficult to let go of our old-school ways which makes it difficult to embrace modern changes at home and most especially at work. From administrative to human resourcing aspects, everything today seems to be digital. With the recent IT innovations, even the most arduous accounting tasks have digital solutions. In Australia, not all businesses have adapted to these changes, and maybe you are among them. So, where’s what. Before you say no to modernization and putting behind hose traditional workarounds in your office, let’s understand why some companies have said goodbye to the old ways and wholeheartedly embraced the digital options.

What is a cloud-based accounting apps?

According to SDXCentral, The cloud is a term referring to accessing computer, information technology (IT), and software applications through a network connection, often by accessing data centers using wide area networking (WAN) or Internet connectivity. In a whole, clouds are a system of software and applications, which use the internet, that store varying data and information, which can be accessed and retrieved at any time.

A Cloud-based Accounting Apps or software, or Software as a Service (SaaS) refer to tools that offer users information access, which is stored and secured by the service provider on a subscription basis. Aside from accounting apps, there are many more cloud-based software or applications available in the market for any business needs.

In simpler words, cloud-based accounting is a software or application that does accounting for you with the use of the internet. Unlike traditional accounting software, data is stored on a cloud platform and can only be accessed through the use of an internet connection.

How can virtual accounting apps be beneficial?

You may be an entrepreneur by heart, and running a business may not be as difficult for you, but when it comes to the accounting side of the business, that’s a huge world of difference. This fact is especially true when you are a small business owner and every single second of your time is gold and every cent in your bank matters. You know you need another pair of hands to help you with the accounting of your business, but you’ve just started and the finances are at quite tight at the moment. Virtual accounting apps are the pair of hands you need without that hassle of going through the recruitment stages and spend more money. These apps are totally reliable in making accounting easy as the breeze and work for you even when all you know are the basics. Read on for more advantages that cloud-based virtual accounting apps can give you.

24/7 access anytime, anywhere

In the traditional non-cloud based accounting software, accessing your numbers require you to go to the office to use the desktop computer to where the software is installed. With the cloud-based application, you only need one thing for access: the internet. It’s a total delight when you want to keep your head from stress when you are on vacation or on out of town business trips but cannot leave all work behind.

Security and low data loss risk

What makes many business owners hesitant to Cloud-based Accounting Apps are because they do not know much about its security. The term cloud storage makes them think that all their data are just floating around in a bubble where anyone can just have access to. That’s totally wrong. Little do many people know that viruses and malware can creep into their computers unchecked by their anti-virus/anti-malware apps. And when they begin to “infect” files, there would be no other choice but to disinfect the system by formatting the computer.

Cloud applications’ top priorities are financial integrity and security, which is why they run on much-secured systems and tools. There are “security people” behind the software who keep watch over incomings and outgoings, including logs, 24/7. Users do not need to throw off more money on some protection that’s not so secure.

Stay updated and connected

Real-time updates are possible with cloud-based accounting apps because of its 24/7 access. Some apps even have mobile versions to let users access their data even on their mobile phone. No need to repeatedly install a software on all your computers to get it done.

Additionally, cloud-based apps offer full automation to users. This means that wherever you are, you won’t always need to leave your seat or line up in long bank queues to get other transactions done. There are plenty of apps that allow you to create connections between to software to your bank and credit card accounts. With just a click of the button, transactions are done in a jiffy.

Less mess and no worries

Papers, bound or unbound, take up space and continue to take up more as time moves on. For paperless documentation and filing, cloud-based accounting apps are the perfect solution. It keeps records away from getting lost or destroyed. All the data you input cannot be destroyed by fire, water, wind, and time.

If you are thinking about moving up to “modernize” your office data, make sure that you go through the specifics of the software of your choice. Each application is different from the others and unique on their own.


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