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Q&A Regarding Waveapps


All About Waveapps

Waveapps is an easy online accounting software which delivers innovative financial services and software for small- and micro-businesses. It changes the way millions of businesses make spend and track their money around the globe.

How to send invoices?

There are two ways to send invoices using Waveapps.

  • One can send the invoice from logging into Wave account-Going to ‘Sales’ and then ‘Invoices’. From ‘Invoices,’ open the drop down list and choose the invoice to be sent and click on ‘Send an invoice.’
  • The second way is from the ‘Invoices’ page. Open the page and select an invoice to be sent from the list view.
  • After selecting invoices from both methods, a pop-up window to send the invoice would open. Here, the user has to enter the email-id and the message to be delivered.

There are also options of sending the invoices as PDF and to BCC the invoice to the user’s own email-id.

How to track Receivables?

  • When an invoice is created by using Waveapps, the Accounts Receivable is debited and can be seen in the balance sheet.
  • Once the payment is made on that invoice, Accounts Receivable is credited and the bank account is debited.

In short, one can track the Receivables by checking the balance sheet and the bank statement, once the payment is received, the amount of receivables decreases.


How to set payment reminders?

Waveapps also facilitates with the reminders of payments which helps in saving time and performing business tasks easily.

  • For setting Payment Reminder, the user has to go to the ‘Invoice’ page, after sending invoice there is the option of creating Reminder.
  • In order to set a Reminder, the customers need to have the email access.
  • There are 8 possible ways to set up a reminder like, before due date, on due date or after due date, even users can set another reminder as well after setting up the first one.
  • When the customers pay the user, the user can mark the invoice as ‘Paid.’


How to send statements?

Sending statements to customers helps in getting payment faster than they can scrutinize all the invoices in one go and can see the due invoices.

  • For sending a statement, the user has to go to the ‘Sales’ from the menu where the option of ‘Statement’ would be visible
  • The user has to choose the name of the customer to whom the statement has to be sent.
  • There are two types of statements. The first one is older statements which can be seen as ‘History’ and the other one is ‘Unpaid’. Choose the one and send it to the customer.

How to get paid via Credit Card?

Getting paid through a customer’s credit card is a very easy and rapid task, which takes like few minutes and the payment process completes in only two business days.

  • For getting paid via credit card the user has to ‘On’ the ‘Payments’ and to set up ‘Payment Accounts.’
  • To turn the ‘Payments’ on, the user needs to ‘On’ the ‘Payment’ option when the invoice is being sent.
  • For setting up ‘Payment Account,’ the user has to go to the ‘Payment’ page and choose ‘Complete your Payment Setup’.
  • There the user has to submit the details regarding business, legal name, personal information, etc.
  • After which verification of Identity and Address is to be done by clicking the picture of relevant proofs.  And voila! Everything is done by the side of the user and now it’s on Wave to take care of your transactions and payments.

 Waveapps gives its users everything that is required to use the software hasslefree and promptly. To know more contact Meru Accounting today

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