Crucial Steps for Choosing the Right Outsourcing Vendor
Crucial Steps for Choosing the Right Outsourcing Vendor
June 26, 2018
Outsource Accounting encourages Redeployment and Reassignment for employees
Outsource Accounting encourages Redeployment and Reassignment for employees
July 10, 2018

Amazon A2X Plugin for Amazon

  1. A2X makes it easy to account our Amazon sales. It provides an ‘automated accounting’ for Amazon Marketplace Sales, Fees, Costs of Goods Sold and FBA Inventory. A2X connects directly with your accounts on ‘QuickBooks’ and ‘Xero’. It can easily connect online with any of the Amazon marketplaces and one of the best parts- it does support multiple currencies! It just takes a few minutes for the connection to be established. Thus challenging the otherwise ‘traditional import’ method that is far more tedious with respect to Amazon Sales Transactions.
  2. Being a certified ‘Xero Connected Application’, A2X plugin facilitates the import of all the Amazon Sales Transactions into Xero. It is equipped with an automated tool to fetch your latest settlement and post-summarized transactions to your respective accounting system. This functionality makes A2X plugin a handy resource for Amazon for easy Marketplace Accounting.
  3. For creating a new settlement file, A2X automatically checks for new Amazon settlements every day, imports it and collates the data, from which, it generates condensed information that consists of revenue, expenses and other transactions like sales, fees, reimbursements, and commissions. The summary that A2X sends to your accounting system will reconcile against the bank deposit from Amazon. In addition, A2X also imports settlement history from Amazon to check on your finances. It saves time and provides an accurate, reconciled accounting data.
  4. A2X also keeps a tap on the accounts that have been assigned to it and the taxes that have been levied on the respective amounts. It, thereafter, saves these details in Xero online accounts as drafts for future references.
  5. The invoices generated for Amazon settlements can be approved from Xero and can be simultaneously matched with the bank feed to provide an accurate and hassle-free financials.
  6. In order to deliver a safe, reliable accurate and reconciled data, with respect to Amazon financials, storage of data in proper hands is essential which is provided by Google’s cloud. So, to connect with A2X, you just need to connect either via Google Apps account or a Gmail account to have a secured and encrypted connection to A2X.

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