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November 1, 2018
Outsource Bookkeeping Services
Outsource Bookkeeping Services
November 22, 2018
Revamping your business

Business Plan Revamping

Get the idea and benefits behind the business plan revamping in this blog post.

Are you looking to revamp your business plan?

Here are some of the methods on how you can revamp and reiterate your business plan:

    1. reDefining purpose and principles

      • Besides ‘financial, profit gaining or market-oriented’ purposes, your business plan needs to be structured based on purposeful ownership.
      • A driving purpose that syncs and embraces with that of the ever-changing and outgrowing social, cultural, political agendas that merges and gives shape to bring out the intended result.
      • Revamping and reiteration of business working come with adapting modern methods and principles focussing on purpose, energy, sustainability and self-reflection that will guide your business on the road to success!
    2. Outcome visioning- Check if the earlier visions were too much pessimistic or optimistic

      • Better financial results are brought about by devising a market vision that is clear, specific, competitive, proactive, scope-oriented, accessibility to updated learning tools with the fusion of advanced technology and widespread network.
      • High rate, premature and timely business performance can be attained by reflecting on previous visions, excavating loopholes and discovering innovative methods to be implemented that fuel in bringing about the projected vision.
      • Keeping a tap on your current market vision with regards at focus levels such as organizational, product-market, project, technology aids in the creation of an updated vision.
    3. Brainstorming

a. Check if you are staying up to date with new technology

      • As a business owner, you need to look out whether your business is technologically sound as you can keep pace with and compete only when equipped with technologically driven products.
      • Market opportunities when associated with advanced technology in a controlled and efficient manner strives to act as a potential market force.
      • Business profitability and innovations emerge as a result of a radical change in the financial status of a business that channelizes in the successful achievement of your market vision by enhancing the business process involving software, phone and security systems, and networking.

b. You are adapting yourself to change in Cloud

      • Cloud computing has become an essential and economical aid for hosting of business accounts and financial functions. It is, thereby, all the more required to stay up-to-date with the updations taking place in Cloud.
      • The benefits availed while adapting to Cloud computing includes
        • data privacy and control,
        • low capital cost,
        • ease of configuration and service efficiency,
        • flexible and agile business operations,
        • Automated updation,
        • Disaster management- Backup and recovery,
        • Skilled with collaborative and analytical tactics
        • Ease of integration
        • Enhanced productivity and decision making

c. What are your Key Performance Indicators?

      • Your business’s operational and strategic goals are reached by the measurement of certain valuable Key Performance Indicators.
      • Monitoring and analyzing these indicators help to guide your business towards the right track and entry to a profitable market. It should also make room for reflection, improvisation and speedy feedback.
      • A few common key performance indicators compose of:
        • Sales lead generated by market
        • Engagement of employees
        • New revenue tracking
        • Business process efficiency
        • Average of customer on-hold time
    1. Organizing

a. Changing the old organization structures

      • Organizational structures are the base upon which your company stands tall and branches out its services to the customers.
      • In the present fluctuating, competitive and fast-growing market scenario, this structure requires alteration and development for clear demarcation in managerial hierarchies.
      • A change in the skeletal structure of your organization helps to redefine earlier key organization ingredients such as operational policies and working culture.

b. Removing all the nonvalue-adding activities.

    • Your business involves nonvalue-adding activities which is the money spent on marketing that incurs a negative impact on revenue and profit for your organization.
    • Your service industry involves activities which contribute as sources of waste that needs to be identified and eliminated once detected:
      • Excess inventory and movement in terms of people and products
      • Over-production that exceeds the demand rate
      • Waiting time with regards to materials and information
      • Errors and defects leading to rework
  1. Identifying the next actions

    • Along with the ongoing activities, it is of the utmost requirement to demarcate further actions that can uplift your financial performance.
    • An analysis regarding customer needs and segmentation, technological developments, products and services, competitors, global marketing strategies pave way for your business growth, profitability opportunities.

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