Xero accounting in India
October 14, 2018
Xero Vs Quickbooks features
Xero Vs Quickbooks features comparison
October 20, 2018

Evolving Areas in Accounting with New Tools

As a flag bearer company in outsource accounting, Meru Accounting always ready to use new tools and software. By working on various software gives us deep insight about evolving areas in accounting with new tools. With this blog post we are putting focus on latest software trend and evolving areas in accounting with new tools, to know more read blog post.

    1. Profitability calculation per inventory SKU is possible with Xero add-ons like Dear Inventory.

      • This Xero inventory integration management solution allows distributors, wholesalers and business owners to have a complete control on the eCommercial workings and streamlining processes in manufacturing purchasing, sales, inventory and accounting.
      • To make a stronghold in the competitive global marketing field, Dear inventory makes its users available with an intuitive and user-friendly interface for access to advanced inventory management features.
      • The Add-on Inventory Apps integrated with Xero supplies for automated and real-time calculation for sales track and profitability against variable factors like products, customers or locations.
      • Gives an outline on understanding and finding profitable products per inventory SKU.
      • Helps to obtain reports for real-time profit and on toes projection of stock values.


    1. Work allocation within the firm is possible with Karbon HQ.karbon-app-meru
      • For a smooth and prompt working of a team involving accountants, collaborated together in a workflow, work allocation to all the team members/ colleagues need to be registered in a systematic mode.
      • Karbon HQ makes the allocation of the task more streamlined and easy to deal with via collaborative task list.
      • No task goes unheard as each gets an assignee, status and due date. This helps to track the task and sub-task along with prioritizing the desired task.
      • Work allocation is further upgraded by paving way for a general platform for the firm to collaborate and work together by allowing to add comments right where the team has geared to perform, plan and coordinate the desired work in hand.
    2. Work order management possible with Tradify.tradify-app-meru
      • An all-purpose job management app preferred for small scale trade businesses wherein trade and service based businesses get benefited through ease of use and great customer service.
      • Achieves work order management by handling quotes, invoices, timesheets, purchase order, scheduling, job reporting and field service management.


    1. Excellent reports and insights can be prepared with Fathom HQ.FathomHQ-App-Meru
      • Works as an excellent supporting app for Xero software tools to design ‘beautiful’ reporting and provides insights into business functions.
      • Helps to consolidate and customise reports, which is based on business needs and decision making purpose that comprise of metrics, comparison of workings for companies, clients and franchisees.


  1. Cash Flow forecasting possible with Float App.FloatApp-Meru
    • Float App averts any mistake in data entry by pulling data straight from your accounting software and so giving no room for penetration of an error.
    • User-friendly common accounting language makes an easy understanding of the operation involved in estimation of how much cash your business will mend in the future.
    • A detailed visualization of the futuristic position of your cash is served, which can be exported in PDF format, that encompasses transactions, bills, invoices, the comparison between budget and expected cash when need be.

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