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December 24, 2018
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In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world where accounting firms and its users are continuously involved in daily transactions and other financial activities, accounting softwares act as great business tools to channelize various financial services. However, in order to evolve as an expertise with respect to accounting software and services provided, it is essential to have strong hold on certain deciding factors like:
  • Generation of invoices and making payments online
  • Keeping a tap on inventory levels and indicate for a new stock order
  • Connecting transactions to GST portal and filing returns directly from the software platform
  • Reconciliation of financial transactions to your bank accounts in a fluke
  • Providing low-cost, multi-user platform
  • Generating reports for analyzing business performance and keeping up-to-date record of financial aspects and business performance
The business market holds various accounting softwares in India those are working and intends to strive hard to update themselves in fulfilling the above mentioned financial duties in an easy-go manner for its users. In order to make provision for various financial services to its clients in a swift, user-friendly and authentic way, Meru Accounting is one such established and till-date oriented firm which provides various bookkeeping and accounting services. For providing service expertise in various crucial financial activities like:
  • Billing/Invoicing49%
  • Accounts payable/receivable52%
  • General ledger54%
  • Tracking of expenses46%
Based on thorough study regarding the functionalities that a user would like to imbibe in the accounting softwares, their compatibility and effortless means in rendering the same in a convenient and safe way. Max range for working with any present software product: 2-5 years, More than 40% switch over from previously used software owing to non-provision of attributes such as:
  • Needy features
  • Supportive platform for new versions
  • Capacitated to hold organization’s size
  • Availability of the software at an affordable cost
  • User-friendly operation and easy understand ability of functions
  • Professional customer support
Meru Accounting, with its Xero certified advisors, is rendering most of its acclaimed financial services through top accounting softwares like QuickBooks, Xero, Sage, Odoo, Netsuite, MYOB and Wave App. These softwares are well-equipped with the trendy and on-demand accounting features in use by industries like banking (highest in use), manufacturing, retail, business services and government (lowest). The booming nature of these softwares is due to the time saving and less effort making software tools used in:
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