The Next generation business with new tools and software’s

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October 26, 2018
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November 1, 2018
The next generation business with new tools and software's

Next generation business with new tools and software

In this blog post you will get next generation business tools and software list for accountants.

Technology is integral part of any industry and so it accounting. Accounting industry itself evolving with new edge technology and hence many software’s are available in the market nowadays. We at Meru Accounting as leading accounting firm based in India decided to put role of technology in modern day business via this blog post.

  1. Document collection- Hubdoc
    • Organized document collection such as recurring bills and monthly statements.
    • Automated fetching, sorting into folders and delivery by linking your account.
    • Easy and secured access owing to cloud computing.
    • Converts, scans and uploads bank statements and receipts for sending data on any software platform and forward invoices from your inbox.
  2. Payroll- Gusto, ADP, Paychex
    • Online payroll run and direct deposit payment to employees and generate payroll reports.
    • Automated payment of tax such as FICA, FUTA and SUTA and processing an employee’s tax deductions.
    • Access to employee for self-management of account information
    • Works on an employee’s compensation insurance
  3. Communication- Slack, Skype, Google hello
    • Communication tools for interaction between colleagues at the workplace which involves video calls, mobile calls, exchange of instant messages right from your desktop/ workplace.
    • By integrating tools as per communication process requirements it helps to collaborate with team members through chat, video conference and team management.
    • Productivity increases and work can be winded up within a shorter span of time.
  4. Time tracking- Tsheets, Screenshotmonitor
    • The ‘time tracking’ desktop applications allow manager and employee to visualize and monitor real-time screenshots and time tracking for the activity performed.
    • Generates reports with respect to the time and money spend on a project and downloadable file can be generated for future analysis or raising an invoice.
  5. Cloud Storage- Dropbox, Onedrive, Box Sync
    • Scalable and secure data storage space, with time-saving steps for data storage creation.
    • Spaces can be either combined with other products or can work as a standalone service, as per the user’s requirement.
    • Provision for predictable billing and provides backup for servers, NAS or laptop.
  6. Credit card processing- Stripe
    • A perfect credit card processor for modern, online businesses and facilitates.
    • Simple and easy to fill check out a form makes purchasing a faster process.
    • Secure saving of credit card information and acceptance of additional credits cards like Diners Club, JCB And China UnionPay.
  7. Bank Feeds- Silversiphon
    • Simplified bookkeeping by nullifying manual importing of Stripe or pin payment transactions to Xero.
    • An ‘auto bank feed’ in Xero to import data from Stripe for each transaction behavior, crunches the data for it to be converted to a language that is Xero software compatible and then merged with Xero.
  8. Shipping Automation- Shipstation
    • A well-equipped, web-based shipping platform for online sellers and delivery, courier and shipping services such as USPS, DHL, Canada post, FBA, FedEx and UPS.
    • Automated setting of orders, customization of user experience in setting like viewing and filtering, wireless printing facility, provision for ‘anytime, anywhere usage’ with ShipStation MobileApp.
  9. Accounting software- Quickbooks, Xero
    • Cloud-based accounting software solutions to meet the financial needs of small businesses.
    • Provides assistance in all accounting activities, right from managing invoices to the reconciliation of bank account.
  10. Inventory Automation: Dear inventory
    • A small, business management platform useful for retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers for simplified operations in inventory management.
    • Performs automated day-to-day operations like managing staff, purchase and sales orders for customers, integrates between top business apps and end-to-end business dealings.
  11. Physical Document Processing- Neat Scanner
    • Converts physical document into an electronic information so as to ease the transfer of financial documents without demographic restrictions and for fast-paced document processing.
    • Ensures sorted listing and indexing of your documents, quality checks and data accuracy, secured storage options for scanned documents.
    • Access to the secured shredding of records only by accredited destruction and disposal specialists.

To know more about next-generation business with new tools and software’s keep reading our blog posts.

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