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Using Tradegecko with Xero

Using Tradegecko with Xero

Using Tradegecko with Xero

Tradegecko Vs Unleashed inventory management:


Using Tradegecko with Xero:

Tradegecko and Unleashed both are inventory management software that helps their clients to manage the stocks effectively and safely. Tradegecko is basically for small and middle-sized businesses whereas Unleashed is helpful for freelancers as well. Both give their prospective clients a free trial to check and experience their services.

Tradegecko is useful for B2B e-commerce wholesalers as it gives them the privilege to showcase their own catalogue through their own online wholesale store. In the same way, Unleashed adds value to its clients by providing them with the facility of Real-time inventory control and reporting.

Tradegecko supports multi-location inventory monitor whereas Unleashed supports multi-language inventory control. It has a unique feature of allowing clients to customize their invoices whereas Unleashed has a feature of process manufacturing, production control and tracking.

Tradegecko and Unleashed both have their apps on Appstore and Playstore to benefit their users to monitor and maintain inventories on just a touch of fingertips.


With pros comes the cons. Tradegecko is a great inventory software, but it doesn’t give the facility of production and process manufacturing likewise the Unleashed soft comes with the con, it doesn’t support customization of invoices which is very helpful to users.

Unleashed lacks in providing B2B integration whereas Tradegecko lacks in client management and customer analysis.

Tradegecko doesn’t provide the feature of control and management. On the other hand, Unleashed doesn’t provide the feature of inventory replenishment and multi-channel management.

In short, both are unique in some or other way but the efficiency depends on one’s requirement of managing inventories.

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