Outsource Bookkeeping Services
Outsource Bookkeeping Services
November 22, 2018
Migrating to cloud Accounting Software
Important Information Before Migrating to cloud Accounting Software
December 11, 2018
Managerial Accounting

Xero for Managerial Accounting

Managerial Accounting

  1. Xero can help you manage your financials as well as get many indicators of management performance.
    • Providing user-friendly, proactive, up-to-date accounting platform in the cloud to small businesses, handling of key figures through real-time access that mentors varied business activities such as tax returns, payroll, bookkeeping services and offering year-round support in decision-making process makes it an apt online accounting tool for managerial purposes.
    • What’s more in the basket? Xero, routinely, reviews and reports your business Key Performance Indicators(KPIs).
  2. You can make up a KPI indicator from Xero Dashboards
    • How healthy is your business functioning is determined by key factors that you and your clients need to measure and act upon.
    • Xero add-ons serve you with dashboards for analysis in input KPIs that measure what matters for customers like client visits, speedy delivery or client feedback in addition to output KPIs like revenue, cash and profit.
  3. Reports can be customized to know business performance.
    • Depending on the purpose of usage such as internal management, tax or yearly accounts, Standard and custom reports can be generated by availing features with flexible layout, settings and easy-to-read design.
    • Common type of accounts or contents are grouped, by filtering and tracking, under the same heading to save as a custom template based on requirement.
  4. Xero contacts can be used as a tool for Customer Relationship management.
    • Xero’s CRM software maintains a database of your client contacts that act as reservoirs for scheduling calls and meetings or sending emails, to register issues and feedback.
    • Advertising and marketing campaigns results are tracked to identify cross-selling opportunities and new leads.
    • Generating special offers for client retention and usage of CRM admin tools for managing and training the sales team.
    • Business wise profitability can be derived from Xero’s class tracking feature.
  5. To keep a tap on functioning of different business areas like cost centres, departments or locations can be tracked and helps to aid in decision making.
    • Tracking options can be generated for the following transactions :
      • New or previous transactions
      • Bank transfers
      • Fixed assets
      • Budget
      • Payroll expenses
      • Adding or editing a contact
  6. Advance level reports can be obtained with Fathom HQ and Spotlight reporting.
    • Accounting data can be put to an intellectual use by integrating Xero with reporting tools like Fathom HQ and Spotlight.
    • These interfaces consolidate data, exercises creation of comprehensive financial reports and dashboards.
    • Clients can attain key business insights by consolidating complicated financial data to produce a clear, visual-oriented, tailored reports for business owners to get a hold of business scenario.
  7. Tracking of Goals achievement with budgeting feature in Xero.
    • The financial success of your clients requires creation and tracking of the budget with Xero’s Budget Manager.
    • Financial expectations are tracked by an analysis of the budget report by pulling data budget presentation or making a comparison between expected and actual.
    • The financial health of your business is improved by planning, monitoring, and updating of real-time budget.

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