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Xero: How to use Cash Coding

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What is Cash Coding?

Cash coding is a tool for accountants or bookkeepers to reconcile their imported bank statements in bulk, which can reduce time drastically and also increases accuracy. So, if you enter transactions from bank statements but is very time consuming, cash coding can help to save time and makes transaction entry faster.

How to give to the user for cash coding?

In Xero, the process is quite simple. The following steps need to be followed.

    • Go to the Settings and select General Settings
    • In that under Organization, select Users
    • Select the user you want to give access
    • In the Bank Reconciliation, select the option of Cash Coding
    • Save the settings

And you are done!

Setting Rules and Making it Simple

Cash coding can be easily done if it’s done by setting the rules like bank rules while reconciling cash transactions using cash coding, which can be done easily. Follow the steps given below.

    • Click the down arrow next to the transaction you want to create a bank rule for and then click Create bank rule.
    • Create Rule screen write the conditions to build the rule.
    • Click Save.

You can easily create, edit or remove any bank rules. It will also reduce the efforts if the rules are created vitally.

Short cuts in Cash Coding

There are few keyboards shortcut keys like “+” that can be used for copying accounts, tax rate and tracking from the row above to the current row. The symbol of “/” be used for opening a quick spend or receive money so that splitting of transactions can be done easily. there are other keys like Shift + Down Arrow and Alt + Down Arrow.

The process of reconciliation gets rapid using Xero Cash Coding and, It can reconcile a maximum of 100 transactions for reconciling more transactions, use more buttons at the end.

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