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Integration of Quickbooks with Credit Card Processing Services

Integration of Quickbooks with Credit Card Processing services

Integration of Quickbooks with Credit Card processing services for U. S based Business


According to the World Payment Report, by 2020, 726 billion transactions will be made via digital payment in the world using noncash methods like credit or debit card. So, if you are providing your customer with this facility, Quickbooks credit card processing services are there to help you.

Quickbooks payment services let you create a merchant interface that will allow your customers to link a credit card, pay invoices, generating receipts and many more things and at the same time, it makes the payment process easy and rapid for you.

How does it work?

One can make the payments by entering data into Quickbooks. After this, a different payment processor will complete the process with due care. The different paymet processor include third party institutions, banks and credit card association, which contributes to processing the payment. But of course, for credit card processing normal transactional charges are needed to be paid to the Credit Card Company that varies from 1 to 4 per cent for each transaction.

Quickbooks also ensures whether a customer’s account is properly set up or not. This is so that it handles credit card transactions properly on the front and back end, and serve as the intermediary for merchant communication with card associations, processors, and banking institutions.

For making payments, there are two methods:

  • POS (Point of Sale)
  • Getaway Plug-in

The POS (Point of Sale) makes inventory tracking an easy process. It also reduces human errors so that accuracy can be maintained. Whereas for Getaway Plug-in methods, there are various plug-in integrations available in the market. Payment Getaways transmits payment data from you to card associations and credit card processing companies.

Quickbooks Bank reconciliation feature

It allows you to check your transactions so that you can get to know about the payment you received from the customers at the end of the week or at the end of the month. You can also check and scrutinize the transactions you have entered in Quickbooks with your bank account.

Our Suggestion on Credit Card processing companies

For hinder-free payment process, we recommend these three credit card processing companies.

  • Worldpay
  • Platinum Bancard
  • Stripe Integration

All these credit card processor companies smoothen the payment process along with providing many benefits of affordable pricing, safe and secure payment processing and faster payment solutions.