The Significance of Finance Calculator: The ‘Finance Calculator’ is the base for majority of our financial calculations. The finance calculator would enable us to consider it as identical to that of the steam engine which had been put to use for creating power for vehicles on the road, for running factories, for running the railway locomotives, steamboats, and so on.

 The Significance of Systematic Investment Plan–SIP Calculator: SIP is considered to be one of the best approaches for making mutual fund investments. It provides us with an opportunity for keeping apart a fixed amount on a regular basis, so that during the long term period, capital appreciation could be created. SIP investment includes the habit of making savings. Making ‘Systematic Investment Plan’ date on the salary day is the most appropriate method of making savings on a regular basis. The ‘SIP Calculator’ will demonstrate as to how small levels of savings and investment which have been conducted on a regular basis could bring improved returns during a considerably longer duration of time frame. The SIP Calculator will help in identifying the returns which have been created by the investment of SIP interests in this fund and this can be identified till the present date.