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Hire Remote Bookkeeper, Accountant , Tax return Preparer or Admin Person

Monthly Bookkeeping, Payroll, Financial Statements or Tax returns for Business owners

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Hire Remote Bookkeeper, Accountant , Tax return Preparer or Admin Person

Monthly Bookkeeping, Payroll, Financial Statements & Tax returns for Business owners

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QuickBooks and Xero Certified Experts


50% Reduction in Costs

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End to End Remote Bookkeeping & Accounting services for Business Owners & Accounting firms

Meru Accounting is a CPA firm providing complete outsource bookkeeping and accounting solutions to CPAs and small & medium-sized businesses across the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Hongkong, Canada, and European countries.

bookkeeping services
Bookkeeping Service

Regular Management Accounts for your Business, We serve bookkeeping services for different industries.

Setup Xero/Quickbooks

Set up your accounting software in a day through our checklist, for converting a client from your legacy software to Xero.

Bookkeeping for CPAs

We help CPAs to reduce 50 % of their cost by outsourcing recurring tasks to us, with trust and security.

Payroll 1

We do Payroll for all countries in all software and comply with all tax formalities of the IRS, HMRC, ATO, etc.

Payable Accounting
Payable Accounting

Manage your Payables on daily basis, cost-effectively with reduced invoice discrepancies and disputes.

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Indirect Tax

We do BAS, VAT, GST101A, Sales Tax, etc. reduce attribution errors and costs, and ensure indirect taxes are handled correctly.

Bookkeeping with Saasu

The practice of effective financial management is a crucial foundation for success in the dynamic and ever-changing world of modern corporate operations. Bookkeeping appears as the conductor, leading firms through the difficult path of financial obligations and opportunities. Considering revenues and expenditures, recording every transaction is a must. Saasu, a cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping solution for small and medium-sized businesses, can be your trusted partner. It can help you build clarity on your financial issues with its rich set of features.

Let’s go through the core aspects of Saasu along with its rich set of features, advantages, and applications. We will also understand how Saasu can be used to help businesses achieve financial success.

Core Aspects and Features of Saasu

The word “Saasu,” pronounced “sah-soo,” refers to a dynamic cloud-based accounting program that was created to streamline and simplify the complex world of bookkeeping and accounting. Saasu, created by a forward-thinking company located in Australia, combines an intuitive user interface with a wide range of effective capabilities. These tools have been thoughtfully designed to assist users in managing their financial data as simply, precisely, and effectively as possible.

Saasu works to transform people’s perceptions of the finance industry, which may frequently appear complicated and intimidating. With Saasu, managing finances is no longer a challenging problem but a clear road to success. Some core aspects and features of Saasu Bookkeeping Software are:

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Multi-Tenancy Model:

Multi-tenancy is a software architecture where a single instance of the software serves multiple clients or tenants, each having its own isolated and secure data and configuration. In the context of bookkeeping with Saasu, this means that Saasu can accommodate multiple businesses or clients on a single platform. Each business's financial data is kept separate, ensuring data privacy and security.

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Automated Provisioning:

Automated provisioning refers to the process of setting up and configuring Saasu accounts and resources automatically, without manual intervention. When a new business or client joins Saasu, automated provisioning can streamline the onboarding process, making it faster and more efficient, thus ensuring that users can start using the platform with minimal delay.

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Single Sign-On (SSO):

Single Sign-On is a security feature that allows users to log in to multiple applications or services with a single set of credentials. In the context of Saasu, SSO enhances security and user experience by reducing the need to remember multiple login credentials. Users can access their financial data seamlessly and securely through a single login.

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Subscription-Based Billing:

Subscription-based billing is a pricing model where users pay for Saasu regularly, typically monthly or annually. This model ensures that users have continuous access to the software and its updates. It is a convenient way for businesses to manage their bookkeeping expenses, as they can budget for a regular subscription fee rather than making a large upfront payment.

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High Availability:

High availability refers to the ability of Saasu to remain accessible and operational with minimal downtime. For bookkeeping, high availability is crucial because businesses rely on the software for real-time financial management. Saasu's high availability ensures that users can access their financial data whenever they need it, reducing disruptions to their operations.

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Elastic Infrastructure:

Elastic infrastructure is a cloud computing concept that allows resources to automatically scale up or down based on demand. In the context of Saasu, this means that the platform can allocate more computing power and storage during periods of high usage (such as tax season) and scale down during quieter periods. It ensures cost efficiency and optimal performance.

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Data Security:

Data security is paramount in bookkeeping with Saasu. It encompasses measures to protect financial data from unauthorized access, breaches, or data loss. Saasu employs robust security protocols, encryption, access controls, and regular security audits to safeguard sensitive financial information.

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Application Security:

Application security focuses on protecting the Saasu software itself from vulnerabilities and attacks. Saasu regularly updates its software to address known security flaws, ensuring that users' financial data remains secure. It also implements authentication mechanisms to verify the identity of users and employs security best practices to prevent data breaches.

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Rate Limiting/QoS (Quality of Service):

Rate limiting and Quality of Service (QoS) mechanisms are essential for ensuring that Saasu can handle user traffic efficiently. Rate limiting controls the number of requests a user or application can make within a specific time frame, preventing overload and misuse. QoS prioritizes and manages network traffic to ensure that critical bookkeeping operations are not disrupted by network congestion or slowdowns.

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Audit Generation Features:

Audit generation features are tools that allow users to create detailed audit trails and reports of all financial transactions and activities within Saasu. These audit logs are crucial for maintaining transparency, accountability, and compliance. They provide a complete record of who did what within the system, which is essential for internal reviews, regulatory compliance, and investigations if necessary.

Practical Applications of Saasu

Saasu’s adaptability makes it an indispensable tool for a variety of enterprises and organizations:

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Small companies:

Small business owners frequently struggle with having insufficient time and resources for intensive bookkeeping responsibilities. Small businesses may keep a clear perspective of their financial health and concentrate on growth with the help of Saasu, an accessible and effective solution.

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Contractors and lone entrepreneurs:

Saasu's expenditure tracking and invoicing tools are game-changers for people who work as freelancers or own solo businesses. With the use of these technologies, people can prepare taxes more easily, keep a professional manner in their financial dealings, and handle the challenges of self-employment with ease.

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Bookkeepers and Accountants:

Accounting experts can use Saasu's features to streamline their jobs if they manage several clients. The collaboration capabilities of the platform make it simple to collaborate with clients in real-time, enhancing client engagements and service delivery.

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Charities and nonprofit organizations

For charities and nonprofits, transparency is essential. Saasu helps these organizations track donations, keep open and transparent financial records, and produce reports for regulatory bodies. This openness promotes trust and prudent financial management.

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Meru Accounting's Saasu Expertise

Meru Accounting is your committed partner for achieving business growth with the skilled application of Saasu, a cloud-based accounting software. We streamline your financial management, improve accuracy, and enable data-driven decisions with easy deployment, customized solutions, and real-time insights. Our Saasu expertise guarantees compliance, provides strategic insights for growth, and, most significantly, turns financial management from a burden into a differentiator. 


Discover the advantage of teaming up with Meru Accounting, where seasoned knowledge, specialized approaches, and an unshakable dedication to your growth meet to propel your company to new heights of financial success.

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Proven Expertise:

Our team boasts a track record of leveraging Saasu to drive financial excellence across a diverse spectrum of industries.

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Efficiency and Accuracy:

We turn financial management from a chore into a competitive advantage, optimizing efficiency and ensuring unwavering accuracy.

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Tailored Solutions:

Our customized Saasu solutions are designed to fit your business like a glove, catering precisely to your unique financial requirements.

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Strategic Insights:

Beyond numbers, we offer strategic insights that empower you to make informed decisions, steering your business toward growth and profitability.

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Compliance Confidence:

With Meru Accounting by your side, you can rest assured that your business remains fully compliant with all financial regulations and tax obligations.

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, efficient financial management is essential. Saasu, a versatile cloud-based accounting software, simplifies this journey with its array of features. Its rich set of features and high availability ensure uninterrupted service, and its elastic infrastructure optimizes performance according to demand. Data and application security fortify the software’s integrity, while rate limiting and Quality of Service maintain operational efficiency. Audit-generation features promote transparency and compliance.

Meru Accounting’s Saasu expertise elevates financial management to new heights. We tailor solutions to fit your unique needs, automate processes for efficiency, and provide real-time insights for informed decisions. Compliance, assurance, and growth strategies are our hallmarks. Together, Saasu and Meru Accounting offer a powerful combination for simplifying complex financial tasks and achieving financial success.

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