Expertised accounting services:

Trading firms are very uncertain in terms of gaining profit and revenue due the risk involved in trading! We at Meru Accounting understand this uniqueness, and based on it we provide our clients with the best accounting and bookkeeping services. We also provide them with regular accounting statements so that the firms can evaluate their businesses and can take important decisions based on it.

Receivables’ management:

Receiving payments on time is required for a firm to grow and flourish in its business, and thus we have our highly trained staff to provide our clients with accurate receivables management services on time. When using online payment gateways like Paypal, Skrillex, stripe, Transfirst, Square N, we pay etc, we help you to ensure timely receipts of payments along with accurate reconcilement.

Payroll management:

Trading firms’ payroll system can be a little complex as it also includes commission to be paid to employees and thus the accuracy is much needed. We at Meru Accounting with the proper expertise on accounting software provide our clients with the most efficient and easy solution for paying out the employees and site-workers.

Cash flow management:

Trading firms’ nature requires a different kind of cash flow management, and to provide that we have our expert team of professionals. We regularly monitor the accounts and reconcile with the receipts of payments so that there is no discrepancies and shortages of cash flow, which is essential for trading in specific markets.

Profitability per batch:

With our expert team, we help our clients to judge their profit per batch for the performed trades, which can in turn help in decision making and turns profitable for our clients.

Tax planning:

Planning taxes on an earlier stage can benefit a trading firm to save on taxes. We provide our clients with our best tax analysis to plan their taxes systematically.


Taxation is an essential part for a business and requires knowledge and time to execute it properly. Thus, we at Meru Accounting give our clients taxation services as well, so that they can work on their core part and grow their business without any worry.