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Reliable, Free and accurate EMI calculator

Free Calculator for EMI – You must have got many other tasks to perform while running a business. But the calculation of interest on your debt is significant as well. So, we, at Meru Accounting, bring you an EMI Calculator to calculate your monthly liabilities precisely.

Equated monthly income or EMI is the amount you need to pay on your creditor for the debt. In businesses, these amounts are enormous. So, we need to pay extra attention while calculating the interest amount. It not given due attention properly; it may lead to chaos in the final amount.

You can easily calculate the interest amount with the help of our EMI calculator. You need to enter the loan amount along with the interest rate and the number of months due to your debt. Then, it will give you the final amount of loan EMI per month and also the total interest payable for due time. It also gives you ‘Total of Payments’, providing you with the total amount to be paid, I.e., principal and interest.

Not only this, but it also presents a pie chart for you detailing your total due amount. It separates the principal and the exciting part for you to understand how much part each of them has in the full amount.

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