Privacy Policy

What is personal data?

Personal data implies data with regard to a living person who is or could be recognized either from data or from data in concurrence with other data that is in, or would be possible to come into the data controller’s possession. Personal data would intend to any data with regard to an identifiable or identified natural individual ('Data Subject'); a person which is identifiable is one who could be recognized, indirectly or directly, specifically by reference to an ID number or to one or more than one elements which are particular to a person’s social, cultural, economic, mental, physiological or physical identity.

How do we keep your data personal?

The measures which could be taken to make data or information secure are inclusive of the following:

a) making consistent file backups;

b) safeguarding oneself against viruses by running a software relating to anti-virus;

c) making use of an arrangement of passwords so access to information is confined;

d) safely storing of vital files which are being stored on disks which are removable, ex: secured away in a waterproof and fireproof safe;

e) permitting only the selected staff in some PC zones, ex: having a control over passage to these regions by using swipe cards or ID cards;

f) continually turning or logging off terminals and whenever possible to lock them;

g) evading incidental deleting files by means of disks which are write-protecting;

h) making use of the methods of data encryption to code data wherein it does not make any sense.

When you e-mail us, or use a contact form within this site

When customers are sending us their personal information via email or through the contact form on our website; they have the trust in us to deal with their information or data in a secure and safe way. So as to keep up this trust, and to guarantee the security of the client's information or data, we use encryption, HIPAA compliance and also adhere to every law applicable for gathering and storage of the electronic data.

We will not publish any of this information on our site. Unless you give your explicit permission we will not use your name and email address to send you, nor allow any associated companies to send you, any unwanted marketing information

We intend to have a long-term relationship with our customers. We assure our customers that we will not publish any of your personal information on our website, nor would be send your details for any unwanted marketing information or use it in any illegal way.