Multiple Accounts Bookkeeping for Travel and Tourism

The travel industry has to deal with a vast range of institutes like agencies, hotels, restaurants, etc. That to be scattered in different cities and countries, which makes this industry very vibrant. We at Meru Accounting takes care of providing hassle-free solution to managing all the payments, even from foreign accounts.

The uniqueness of the industry:

Travel and Tourism industry is very unique form the other industry as it has different course of work and that too changes with the season. Like a travel firm takes their clients on a trip to various places based on clients’ requirements but considering the season at that particular place. In addition to that the budget is also an important aspect to be taken care of. Thus, we know and understand that how unique this industry is and provide the accounting solutions based on it.

Integration of online business:

Industries around the globe is changing at a fast pace and so the firms in Travel and Tourism Industry. Most of the firms have started providing services online through their websites. We at Meru Accounting facilitate a smooth integration of your online website with a wide array of accounting software that greatly increases the efficiency and ease of importing date in the accounting sheets of the software.

Tracking of inventory and receivables:

Travel and Tourism firms have linkages with different clients across the world. The firms also have to keep a good association with different institutions like hotels, transportation agencies, food suppliers or restaurants, so that they can give their clients a good experience. To help travel industry in managing their inventory and payments due to receive, our professional team carries out the tracking of inventory and account receivables to prevent any disruption in the services.

Timely financial services:

Travel and Tourism industry works at a rapid pace. Thus it’s very essential to know the nitty-gritty of the financial position of the firm. We at Meru Accounting promise to deliver timely financial services so that you can focus on the key parameters of your business and increase profits.

Operations and budget cost:

We provide our clients timely financial statements so that they can manage to take decisions on its operational cost, which eventually helps them prepare their budgetary cost for the coming trips.

Travel planning and business strategies:

The competition in this industry is cut throat and understanding that we give our clients a good view on their financial viability regularly that helps them plan the trips and develop business strategies to grow and prosper.