Upcoming Webinar: Mastering Bookkeeping in QuickBooks Online - Advanced Techniques, Date: 14th May, Time: 11:30 AM EST. Upcoming Webinar: Mastering Bookkeeping in QuickBooks Online - Advanced Techniques, Date: 14th May, Time: 11:30 AM EST
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Hire Remote Bookkeeper, Accountant , Tax return Preparer or Admin Person

Monthly Bookkeeping, Payroll, Financial Statements or Tax returns for Business owners

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QuickBooks and Xero Certified Experts

50% Reduction in

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Hire Remote Team​

Hire Remote Bookkeeper, Accountant , Tax return Preparer or Admin Person

Monthly Bookkeeping, Payroll, Financial Statements & Tax returns for Business owners

Quality Driven Approach

QuickBooks and Xero Certified Experts

50% Reduction in Costs

Part Time / Full Time Roles For

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250 k+
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Bookkeeping software expertise

End to End Remote Bookkeeping & Accounting services for Business Owners & Accounting firms

Meru Accounting is a CPA firm providing complete outsource bookkeeping and accounting solutions to CPAs and small & medium-sized businesses across the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Hongkong, Canada, and European countries.

bookkeeping services
Bookkeeping Service

Regular Management Accounts for your Business, We serve bookkeeping services for different industries.

Setup Xero/Quickbooks

Set up your accounting software in a day through our checklist, for converting a client from your legacy software to Xero.

Bookkeeping for CPAs

We help CPAs to reduce 50 % of their cost by outsourcing recurring tasks to us, with trust and security.


We do Payroll for all countries in all software and comply with all tax formalities of the IRS, HMRC, ATO, etc.

Payable Accounting

Manage your Payables on daily basis, cost-effectively with reduced invoice discrepancies and disputes.

Indirect Tax

We do BAS, VAT, GST101A, Sales Tax, etc. reduce attribution errors and costs, and ensure indirect taxes are handled correctly.

Tax Services

In our modern, interconnected world, the ability to navigate the complexities of diverse global tax systems is more critical than ever for individuals and businesses engaged in cross-border operations. Understanding the complexities of corporate tax, income tax, VAT, transfer pricing, and customs duties is essential. It goes beyond mere compliance with legal obligations; it becomes a strategic advantage, enabling entities to optimize financial strategies and position themselves effectively in the global marketplace. 

A sophisticated understanding of global tax landscapes empowers businesses and individuals to not only meet legal requirements but also to proactively address the challenges posed by an ever-evolving international tax scenario. It fosters adaptability, allowing entities to navigate the intricacies of shifting regulatory landscapes. Whether it’s dealing with the implications of new tax treaties, managing risks associated with double taxation, or staying abreast of the impact of digital transformations on taxation, a strategic and informed approach to global tax systems is key.

USA Tax Services

A. Overview of the US Tax System

The tax landscape in the United States is multifaceted, encompassing federal, state, and local tax components. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) serves as the primary administrative body for federal taxation, overseeing a range of taxes including income taxes, corporate taxes, and estate taxes. Federal income taxes, in particular, are levied on individuals and businesses based on their earnings, with a progressive tax system wherein higher-income individuals generally face higher tax rates.

Within this complex system, navigating deductions, credits, and exemptions becomes pivotal for optimizing tax outcomes. Deductions refer to eligible expenses that individuals or businesses can subtract from their taxable income, thereby reducing the overall tax burden. Tax credits, on the other hand, provide a dollar-for-dollar reduction in the actual tax liability, offering a more direct benefit. Exemptions often relate to specific conditions or categories that may exclude a portion of income from taxation. 

Understanding these elements requires careful consideration of the tax code and staying abreast of changes in tax laws, making informed financial planning and decision-making essential for individuals and businesses alike. Additionally, the decentralized nature of the U.S. tax system means that state and local taxes further contribute to the overall complexity, adding additional layers of consideration for taxpayers.

B. Key Tax Services in the USA

Meru Accounting stands out as a premier provider of key tax services in the USA, offering expertise in various critical areas. Our services include:

Income Tax Preparation: Our skilled tax professionals at Meru Accounting are dedicated to ensuring precise income tax preparation. We go beyond accurate filing, focusing on maximizing deductions and credits while minimizing tax liabilities for individuals, providing them with peace of mind during tax season.

Business Tax Planning: Corporations trust Meru Accounting to navigate the complex maze of tax regulations in the USA. Our strategic approach to business tax planning ensures optimal tax efficiency for companies, helping them meet their obligations while minimizing tax burdens.

Estate Planning: Meru Accounting specializes in estate planning to mitigate tax liabilities. Through strategic wealth management and succession planning, we assist clients in preserving and transferring wealth efficiently, addressing estate tax concerns comprehensively. Our dedicated team ensures a thoughtful and strategic approach to safeguarding family legacies and assets.

Canadian Tax Services

A. Canadian Tax Landscape

Canada’s tax system shares a similarity with the complexity of the United States, featuring both federal and provincial/territorial layers of taxation. The administration of federal taxation falls under the purview of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), which oversees various taxes such as income tax, corporate tax, and the Goods and Services Tax (GST). Provincial and territorial governments, on the other hand, manage their own tax systems, often levying income taxes in addition to federal taxes. This dual-layered approach means that individuals and businesses must navigate federal and provincial tax regulations to ensure compliance and optimize their tax positions.

Understanding the intricacies of federal and provincial tax rates is crucial for accurate financial planning. Federal income taxes are progressive, meaning that higher income levels are subject to higher tax rates. Similarly, provincial income tax rates vary across jurisdictions, contributing to the overall complexity of the Canadian tax landscape. 

Additionally, exemptions and credits play a significant role in the tax planning process. Tax exemptions may apply to certain types of income or specific groups of taxpayers, while tax credits offer relief by reducing the actual amount of tax owed. Staying informed about these factors and any changes in tax legislation is essential for individuals and businesses to make informed financial decisions and effectively manage their tax liabilities. Overall, the Canadian tax system demands a nuanced understanding of federal and provincial intricacies to navigate its complexities successfully.

B. Prominent Tax Services in Canada

Personal Tax Planning: Meru Accounting specializes in smart financial planning, employing tax credits, deductions, and investment strategies to minimize the taxes individuals need to pay. We ensure that clients understand and leverage these tools effectively, resulting in a reduced overall tax burden and more money in their pockets.

Corporate Tax Consulting: Businesses trust Meru Accounting for expert guidance in navigating federal and provincial tax rules in Canada. We ensure that businesses comply with both national and provincial regulations, helping them manage taxes efficiently while optimizing their financial outcomes.

Goods and Services Tax (GST) Services: Meru Accounting is adept at handling the complexities of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in Canada. We assist businesses in adhering to GST rules, enabling them to reclaim input tax credits – a critical aspect of recovering taxes paid on business expenses. Efficient management of GST is vital for businesses to smoothly navigate the Canadian tax system and maintain seamless financial operations.

A. Overview of Australian Taxation

Australia’s tax system involves federal and state/territory taxes, administered by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Key components include income tax, Goods and Services Tax (GST), and Capital Gains Tax (CGT).

B. Leading Tax Services in Australia

Meru Accounting is your premier destination for specialized tax services in Australia. Our expertise encompasses a range of offerings tailored to meet the diverse needs of individuals and corporations across the country.

1. Individual Tax Consultancy: At Meru Accounting, we specialize in individual tax consultancy, focusing on maximizing deductions, navigating the complexities of tax rules, and ensuring strict compliance with the Australian Tax Code. Our dedicated team is committed to optimizing your personal tax situation with precision and expertise.

2. Business Advisory Services: Corporations find invaluable support at Meru Accounting through our strategic Business Advisory Services. Our consultants collaborate closely with businesses, providing tailored planning solutions to optimize tax positions and ensure seamless compliance with Australian tax regulations. We are your trusted partner in achieving financial success in the corporate landscape.

3. Goods and Services Tax (GST) Advisory: Navigating the nuances of GST is made effortless with Meru Accounting’s specialized advisory services. From initial registration to meticulous reporting and ongoing compliance, our team excels in guiding clients through the intricacies of GST, ensuring they meet all regulatory requirements seamlessly.

How does Meru Accounting help its clients in different Tax Domains?

Comprehensive Global Tax Services by Meru Accounting

USA Tax Services:

  • In-depth Understanding of IRS Regulations
  • Ensuring Compliance and Optimizing Financial Strategies


Canadian Tax Services: 

  • Knowledgeable Handling of Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) Rules
  • Maximizing Deductions and Minimizing Liabilities in the Canadian Tax Structure


Australian Tax Services:

  • Expertise in Australian Taxation Office (ATO) Regulations
  • Ensuring Compliance and Capitalizing on Available Incentives


International Operations Support

  • Meticulous Research and Understanding of Global Tax Regulations
  • Facilitating Cross-Border Transactions and Optimizing Tax Positions


Proactive Strategies in Global Tax Trends

  • Commitment Beyond Compliance
  • Incorporating Proactive Strategies Aligned with Emerging Global Tax Trends


Efficiency and Accuracy with Technology

  • Leveraging Cutting-Edge Technology for Streamlined Tax Processes
  • Ensuring Efficiency and Accuracy in Reporting Across Borders


Local Expertise, Global Impact

  • Robust Understanding of Local Tax Intricacies
  • Strategic Partner Dedicated to Facilitating Fiscal Success on a Global Scale


Whether you’re dealing with taxes in the USA, Canada, Australia, or anywhere else globally, it’s crucial for individuals and businesses to stay informed and get help from professional tax services. Meru Accounting knows that as tax rules keep changing globally, the key to long-term financial success is their commitment to adapting, embracing change, and using innovative solutions that fit the ever-shifting financial landscape.

At Meru Accounting, where excellence is a priority, our approach focuses on having a proactive mindset that goes beyond borders. By accurately understanding various tax laws, keeping up with the latest trends, and using advanced technology seamlessly, we help our clients not only follow the rules in the USA, Canada, Australia, and other places but also strategically position themselves for financial success in a world that’s always changing. Through our dedication to staying ahead of the game, Meru Accounting provides a solid base for individuals and businesses to confidently plan their financial strategies, ensuring resilience and prosperity in the constantly shifting global financial landscape.

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