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Xero Accounting for United States

Hire Remote Bookkeeper, Accountant, Tax Return preparer Or Admin Person
Monthly Bookkeeping, Payroll, Financial Statements & Tax Returns Starting From $10 Per Hour For Business Owners
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Business Tax return filing by Certified
CPA / Enrolled Agent (Starts at $350)

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QuickBooks And Xero Certified Experts

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50% Reduction In Costs

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Part Time / Full Time Resources For

Hire Remote Team

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Hire Remote Bookkeeper, Accountant , Tax return Preparer or Admin Person

Monthly Bookkeeping, Payroll, Financial Statements or Tax returns for Business owners

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Quality Driven


QuickBooks and Xero Certified Experts


50% Reduction in

Part Time/Full Time Resources For

⚪ CPA Firms
⚪ Enrolled Agents 
⚪ Bookkeeping Firms
⚪ Tax Practitioners

Hire Remote Team​

Hire Remote Bookkeeper, Accountant , Tax return Preparer or Admin Person

Monthly Bookkeeping, Payroll, Financial Statements & Tax returns for Business owners

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Quality Driven Approach


QuickBooks and Xero Certified Experts


50% Reduction in Costs

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End to End Remote Bookkeeping & Accounting services for Business Owners & Accounting firms

Meru Accounting is a CPA firm providing complete outsource bookkeeping and accounting solutions to CPAs and small & medium-sized businesses across the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Hongkong, Canada, and European countries.

bookkeeping services
Bookkeeping Service

Regular Management Accounts for your Business, We serve bookkeeping services for different industries.

Setup Xero/Quickbooks

Set up your accounting software in a day through our checklist, for converting a client from your legacy software to Xero.

Bookkeeping for CPAs

We help CPAs to reduce 50 % of their cost by outsourcing recurring tasks to us, with trust and security.

Payroll 1

We do Payroll for all countries in all software and comply with all tax formalities of the IRS, HMRC, ATO, etc.

Payable Accounting
Payable Accounting

Manage your Payables on daily basis, cost-effectively with reduced invoice discrepancies and disputes.

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Indirect Tax

We do BAS, VAT, GST101A, Sales Tax, etc. reduce attribution errors and costs, and ensure indirect taxes are handled correctly.

Xero Bookkeeping and Accounting

With the advancement of technology, more and more small business owners, large enterprises, and accountants are inclined to take advantage of accounting software to enhance their business performance. Accounting software helps you accelerate working speed, brings perfection in work, generates instant reports that facilitate decision-making, brings efficiencies, and secures your data, among others.

One such popular cloud-based accounting software that automates everyday business tasks is Xero. With more than 1.8 million subscribers, Xero is emerging as a preferred accounting and bookkeeping software in the US and around the globe. It gives a crystal-clear view of your accounting and is a user-friendly, simple, and powerful accounting tool. Xero is known for its ease of use, cloud support, and simple functionalities. No matter what type of business, Xero can adapt to suit your needs. Besides, it offers easy access and a real-time view of cash flow.

In the world of accounting and bookkeeping, utilizing technological advancements is not merely an option; it’s a necessity. Xero, a powerful accounting and bookkeeping platform has revolutionized the way businesses manage their finances. With its cloud-based nature, accessibility, and user-friendliness, it has become one of the most preferred bookkeeping solutions in the US.

Xero accounting in the United States

Some of the compelling features that make Xero accounting software a preferred choice among US companies are as follows:
Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, accounting and bookkeeping with Xero software include capabilities and features like cloud-based add-ons, affordable solutions, a direct claim for expenses, Xero seamless bank payments, Xero payment API, paying bills directly from Xero, easy bank reconciliation, etc.

Why is Xero Software Essential for Modern Accounting and Bookkeeping Practices?

With digitalization in the world of accounting and bookkeeping, Xero has emerged as a revolution. Here’s why Xero is essential for your accounting and bookkeeping needs:
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Looking for Xero bookkeeping service?

Gone are the days when accounting was a stack of papers piled on a table! Today most of the small and medium-sized businesses have migrated to Xero bookkeeping service. Although it is a simple and easy-to-use software, it’s always better to leave the accounting tasks to an expert who can manage them efficiently and effectively. We, at Meru Accounting, provide Xero bookkeeping service to our clients in the US. We are also a Xero certified advisor for many of our clients based in India, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and European Countries.

Apart from being a renowned Xero-certified advisor, we are also a Xero Silver partner. For an outsourcing accounting services company like us, the right software is the key to serving clients better. Therefore, we rely only on the best.


Our Expertise with Xero Software

At Meru Accounting, we don’t just use Xero Software; we thrive on it. Our team has extensive experience and expertise in harnessing the full potential of Xero. We have been at the forefront of adopting and optimizing this revolutionary tool to benefit our clients. With our years of experience and expertise in the accounting and bookkeeping field, Meru Accounting has already bagged Xero Advisor certification and we are proud to rank among the top Xero experts in the US.

Our journey with Xero Software has allowed us to refine our skills, ensuring that we can offer you unparalleled support in leveraging this platform for your financial needs. Our expertise extends across various industries, ensuring that we can tailor our services to meet your specific requirements.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services we offer Using Xero Software

We create accurate and comprehensive financial statements that provide you with a clear snapshot of your business’s financial health. Our expertise ensures that your financial reports are not just compliant but also insightful.

Simplify your payroll operations with Xero. We handle everything from payroll calculations to tax compliance, ensuring that your employees are paid accurately and on time.

Xero offers several tax features. Our experts take care of tax calculations, filing, and compliance, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

Xero helps you keep a watch over your expenses and optimize your financial efficiency. We help you track and manage expenses, ensuring that you have full control over your costs.

Our team goes beyond standard accounting and bookkeeping by providing strategic business advisory services. By leveraging Xero’s real-time insights, we help you make informed decisions that drive your business’s growth and success.

Our experience with Xero ensures that your financial records are audit-ready. We can facilitate the audit process, ensuring a smoother experience for you.

Xero’s cash flow forecasting tools enable us to help you optimize your cash flow. By understanding your financial patterns, we can offer valuable insights and strategies to ensure your business remains financially robust.

We can create custom reports tailored to your specific business needs. Whether you require industry-specific reports or want to track specific KPIs, our expertise with Xero allows us to deliver the insights you need.

Integrate Xero with other essential business tools and software to streamline your operations further. We can help you identify and implement the right integrations to enhance efficiency.

If you’re new to Xero or wish to enhance your skills, we offer training and support services. Our experts can guide you through the software, ensuring that you’re making the most of its features.

Using Xero Software in our suite of services allows us to deliver the best accounting and bookkeeping experience. We are committed to providing you with the tools and insights needed to optimize your financial processes while you focus on growing your business.


How can Meru Accounting help you?

You too can migrate to Xero accounting by joining hands with Meru Accounting and taking advantage of our Xero Silver partnership. Call us now to get an expert consultation on how we can help your organization with our Xero bookkeeping and accounting services.

Xero Software is not just a software platform; it’s a transformational tool that empowers modern businesses. When you partner with Meru Accounting, you’re not just getting access to Xero’s capabilities; you’re gaining a team of experts who can unlock its full potential for your financial success. We are always committed to delivering the best accounting and bookkeeping services.

Contact Meru Accounting today to embark on a journey of financial excellence using the Xero Software.

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