To achieve financial goals:

Power and Infrastructure industries are very large in sizes as well as in the way they function tend to be extensive. The machineries and inventory being used in the projects are huge in numbers and thus it requires a subtle planning. We understand these requirements and thus provide our clients with monthly or quarterly financial analysis so that they can achieve their financial goals.

Payroll management:

With the gigantic size that these industries possess, the size of the workforce is also large. To manage their payroll and to ensure that it works smoothly, we at Meru Accounting take care of this part effectively. With the proper expertise on accounting software, we provide our clients the most efficient and easy solution to pay out the employees and site-workers.

Depreciation analysis:

It is very important to have a look on the investments made in assets, especially when the asset size and reinvestment in assets can cost your firm in a good amount. That’s why we also provide accurate analysis of the depreciation and valuation of assets to calculate the expenses of operations.

Taxation requirement:

Making provisions for taxes are an important part of a business. Each industry has different tax requirements and attracts different kind of taxes. So, for a firm getting sound knowledge of the taxation is quite necessary, but it consumes a lot of time as well. Understanding this, we at Meru Accounting provide taxation related information according to both industry sector as well as country of location.

Alleviating uncertainty:

Energy industry and Infrastructure industry, both are major players for a country’s development and that’s why taxation, policies, etc. related to them tend to change as per Governments’ decisions. In addition to that these industries also attract uncertainties related to prices of raw materials, government’s norms, and political and economical pressure. True that these uncertainties cannot be avoided, but definitely can be reduced to a level. Our team of professional experts prepares accurate financial analysis which can help your firm in making certain provisions to survive in future uncertainties.

Future Projections:

Through our accurate accounting management services, our clients get an overview on the performance of their business; from payments to receivables, we take of all. A good overview of course helps our clients in making future projections for their firm’s performance and financial viability.