Upcoming Webinar: Mastering Bookkeeping in QuickBooks Online - Advanced Techniques, Date: 14th May, Time: 11:30 AM EST. Upcoming Webinar: Mastering Bookkeeping in QuickBooks Online - Advanced Techniques, Date: 14th May, Time: 11:30 AM EST
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Hire Remote Bookkeeper, Accountant , Tax return Preparer or Admin Person

Monthly Bookkeeping, Payroll, Financial Statements or Tax returns for Business owners

Quality Driven

QuickBooks and Xero Certified Experts

50% Reduction in

Part Time/Full Time Resources For

⚪ CPA Firms
⚪ Enrolled Agents 
⚪ Bookkeeping Firms
⚪ Tax Practitioners

Hire Remote Team​

Hire Remote Bookkeeper, Accountant , Tax return Preparer or Admin Person

Monthly Bookkeeping, Payroll, Financial Statements & Tax returns for Business owners

Quality Driven Approach

QuickBooks and Xero Certified Experts

50% Reduction in Costs

Part Time / Full Time
Roles For

100 +
1100 +
250 k+
20 +

Bookkeeping software expertise

Bookkeeping software expertise

End to End Remote Bookkeeping & Accounting services for Business Owners & Accounting firms

Meru Accounting is a CPA firm providing complete outsource bookkeeping and accounting solutions to CPAs and small & medium-sized businesses across the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Hongkong, Canada, and European countries.

bookkeeping services
Bookkeeping Service

Regular Management Accounts for your Business, We serve bookkeeping services for different industries.

Setup Xero/Quickbooks

Set up your accounting software in a day through our checklist, for converting a client from your legacy software to Xero.

Bookkeeping for CPAs

We help CPAs to reduce 50 % of their cost by outsourcing recurring tasks to us, with trust and security.


We do Payroll for all countries in all software and comply with all tax formalities of the IRS, HMRC, ATO, etc.

Payable Accounting

Manage your Payables on daily basis, cost-effectively with reduced invoice discrepancies and disputes.

Indirect Tax

We do BAS, VAT, GST101A, Sales Tax, etc. reduce attribution errors and costs, and ensure indirect taxes are handled correctly.

Bookkeeping with Fresh Vine

Fresh Vine Bookkeeping Software stands as a cloud-based financial management platform meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of nonprofit organizations. At its core, Fresh Vine offers an array of tools and functionalities aimed at simplifying and optimizing financial operations within the nonprofit sector. This includes advanced capabilities for expense tracking, donation management, and comprehensive financial reporting.

Fresh Vine is the ultimate solution designed for nonprofit organizations. This versatile platform streamlines operations enhances communication, and empowers nonprofits to make a more significant impact. With Fresh Vine, managing staff, engaging with supporters, and organizing events become more straightforward and efficient. Fresh Vine places your people at the forefront, enabling seamless staff management and effective communication with donors, volunteers, and beneficiaries. Its integrated email system simplifies outreach, while the Event Kiosk streamlines event management, from registration to check-in.

With Fresh Vine, you can build and nurture your community through groups and donation solicitation, all within a unified platform. This eliminates the need for multiple systems that don’t communicate, ensuring data consistency and reducing administrative overhead.

What’s more, Fresh Vine offers powerful features at no extra cost, and its pricing is designed to be accessible for nonprofits of all sizes, starting at just $25 per month.

Key Features of Fresh Vine

Using Fresh Vine for Bookkeeping

Unique features of Fresh Vine

1. Events Management: Fresh Vine’s Events Management feature is designed to make organizing and managing events a breeze for nonprofit organizations. Here’s how it works:

  • Event Creation: Within Fresh Vine, you can create event listings with details such as event name, date, time, location, and description. This makes it easy to promote your events and provide essential information to potential attendees.
  • Event Registration: Fresh Vine allows you to set up event registration forms that supporters can easily fill out online. This simplifies the registration process for attendees and automatically tracks RSVPs.
  • Ticketing: If your events require ticketing, Fresh Vine can handle that too. You can set up ticket prices, issue digital tickets, and track ticket sales within the platform.
  • Check-In: On the day of the event, Fresh Vine’s Event Kiosk feature streamlines the check-in process. You can use this feature to check in attendees quickly, ensuring a smooth entry experience.
  • Event Promotion: Fresh Vine makes it easy to promote your events by allowing you to send event-related emails directly from the platform. This helps you reach out to your community and encourage attendance.


Overall, Fresh Vine’s Events Management feature ensures that your nonprofit can efficiently plan, promote, and execute events while keeping all event-related data organized within the platform.

2. Group Management: Fresh Vine’s Groups Management feature facilitates the creation and management of various groups within your nonprofit’s community. Here’s how it benefits your organization:

  • Group Creation: You can create different types of groups based on your needs. For example, you might create groups for volunteers, donors, or specific project teams.
  • Segmentation: Groups help you segment your audience effectively. You can organize supporters into specific groups and tailor your communication and engagement strategies accordingly.
  • Engagement: Groups allow you to engage with supporters on a more personalized level. You can send group-specific emails, share updates, and encourage collaboration among group members.
  • Data Consistency: By managing groups within Fresh Vine, you ensure that your data remains consistent and up-to-date. There’s no need to maintain separate spreadsheets or databases for different groups.
  • Efficiency: Managing groups within the platform streamlines administrative tasks. You can easily view and update group memberships and access group-related data in one place.
  • Fresh Vine’s Groups Management feature enhances your nonprofit’s ability to connect with and mobilize different segments of your community effectively.


3. Email Communication: Effective communication with donors, volunteers, and beneficiaries is essential for nonprofit success. Fresh Vine’s integrated email communication feature simplifies this process:

  • Direct Email Sending: You can send emails directly from the Fresh Vine platform. This means you don’t have to switch between multiple email clients or services.
  • Contact Segmentation: Fresh Vine allows you to segment your contacts based on various criteria. This helps you send targeted emails to specific groups or individuals.
  • Email Templates: You can create and save email templates for common communication needs. This saves time and ensures consistent messaging.
  • Tracking and Analytics: Fresh Vine provides insights into email performance, including open rates and click-through rates, allowing you to assess the effectiveness of your email campaigns.
  • Donor Communication: You can use email communication to engage with donors, send acknowledgments for contributions, share updates on your nonprofit’s activities, and nurture donor relationships.


Fresh Vine’s integrated email communication feature streamlines your outreach efforts and ensures that your messages are effectively reaching your intended audience.

4. Communities Building: Building and nurturing a community is a fundamental aspect of nonprofit work. Fresh Vine helps you achieve this through various features:

  • Donation Solicitation: You can use Fresh Vine to solicit donations from your community. This can include targeted fundraising campaigns or general donation drives.
  • Community Engagement: Fresh Vine’s tools enable you to engage with supporters and beneficiaries, fostering a sense of belonging and involvement within your community.
  • Unified Platform: By managing community-building efforts within Fresh Vine, you eliminate the need for multiple disconnected systems. This ensures that data remains consistent and reduces administrative overhead.
  • Data Insights: Fresh Vine provides insights into community engagement and donation trends, helping you refine your strategies to better serve your community’s needs.


Building and nurturing communities within Fresh Vine strengthens your nonprofit’s ties with supporters, beneficiaries, and volunteers, ultimately helping you achieve your mission more effectively.

Meru Accounting's Expertise in Fresh Vine

Effective financial management is essential to success in business. Fresh Vine is a strong tool created to assist businesses in streamlining their operations, but getting the most out of it demands knowledge and experience. Meru Accounting can help with this. With our in-depth knowledge of Fresh Vine and our expertise in financial management, we can significantly improve your company’s financial success in the following ways:

Custom Configuration: Meru Accounting is aware of the individuality of every business. We take the time to carefully consider the unique demands of your company before customizing Fresh Vine to meet them. This entails creating customized fields, reports, and dashboards to guarantee that you have access to the financial data you require right now.

Data Migration: Moving to Fresh Vine can be a challenging procedure, particularly if you’re coming from another system. Our professionals are exceptional at precisely and safely transferring your financial data into Fresh Vine while maintaining the integrity of the data.

Optimized Financial Reporting: For firms, financial reporting is crucial. You may use Fresh Vine’s reporting features to build bespoke reports that give you useful information about the state of your finances with the aid of Meru Accounting. Whether you require spending reports, revenue statements, or balance sheets, we provide reports that empower you to make wise decisions.

Keeping track of spending is important for businesses. We help you set up Fresh Vine expenditure tracking, classify spending, and get a full picture of your business’s financial situation.

Compliance and Security: Data security and adherence to accounting standards are both requirements. Your Fresh Vine configuration is fully compatible with the most recent accounting requirements thanks to Meru Accounting, lowering the possibility of financial mistakes or inconsistencies. We also take the security of your data seriously, using industry best practices to protect your financial data.

Improved Decision-Making: With Meru Accounting’s knowledge, you’ll have the financial understanding required to make wise choices. We work with you to find opportunities, refine plans, and make wise financial decisions that will support your company’s long-term success.

Cost-effectiveness: We are aware of how crucial cost-effectiveness is to business operations. Your Fresh Vine setup is economical and effective because of Meru Accounting’s experience. We assist you in making the most of the software without going over budget.


Fresh Vine offers nonprofit organizations a comprehensive solution to streamline operations, enhance communication, and optimize financial management. It simplifies event management, group engagement, email communication, and community building, all within one platform. With accessible pricing starting at $25 per month, it caters to nonprofits of all sizes. Meru Accounting’s expertise further enhances Fresh Vine’s capabilities, ensuring efficient setup, data integrity, and customized reporting. Together, they empower nonprofits to make a more significant impact while maintaining financial transparency and compliance. Contact Meru Accounting now and harness the power of Fresh Vine for your non-profit organization.

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