Meru Accounting specializez in bookkeeping for Aged Care business

We have deep and qualitative understanding of Age Care business and its nitty-gritty. We help our clients in managing cash flow and cost to make the business viable and also to know the financial position of your business.

  • We at Meru Accounting have a deep understanding of Age care business and the business nuances of Age care business.
  • We help in receivables management ensuring a that cash receipts are perfectly managed for business.
  • We can advise on best software which you can use for your Age Care business.
  • We would help on integrating the operational software with your accounting system so that you can have an efficient reporting using both the systems.

We help you track costs by various cost centres helping you know profits by

  • Profits by Individuals billed from business
  • Costs in Facilities across different locations
  • Type of Packages provided to individuals.