One of the things that make accounting & bookkeeping irksome is Payroll. Though it takes time to set it up, it’s actually very mandatory & in fact, saves a whole lot of time in the long-run. It basically contains all the financial information with respect to the employees working in an organization & you are at the right place to outsource since We, Meru Accounting is one of the leading Bookkeeping Outsourcing Companies across Singapore & We would do the work for you in no time. Our exclusive features include :

Customizable Services: Every Company has different needs & requirements and right from you assign us with the work, we prefer to choose whatever software or accounting methods that you are comfortable with. We have our expert team who are capable of working on the industry’s top-notch Accounting Softwares & it is only a matter of choice. We do work in according to your preferences & take in consideration all your terms & conditions & is compliant with all the regulations & taxes too. In a nutshell, you get the joystick & we get to work.

Accuracy: We assure you with consolidated & accurate documents in the stipulated time periods. You don’t need to either wait too long or worry about the result. Our team promises you to deliver error-free work whenever required & you’re totally out of concern when it comes to tax or penalty compliance.

Cloud-based Payroll: Our team are expertised in using the Cloud-Based Accounting Softwares and it comes in with its own set of implements. Instead of old traditional ways of dealing with the payroll, cloud-based accounting softwares makes it easier to handle payroll at one handy place even if it’s multiple users hopping in at any time. So that means that you & we could look at the same screen even if we’re at different places & handle the workflow. They manages the pensions, leaves, reimbursements, tax submissions, timesheets & many more.

  • Customized Solutions
  • Fast turnaround
  • Compliant to Statutory requirements
  • Accurate & Error free results
  • Speed, effective & efficient resolutions to all employee related issues
  • Saves Time, Effort & Money
  • Online based accounting software
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Records employees’ overall working cycle
  • Trustworthy Resource Management
  • Adherence to Strict Data Confidentiality

Sometimes even some of the most experienced accountants find payroll to be worrisome. In case you are the one among them Do Not hesitate to reach out for us. We, Meru Accounting is very well known across Singapore for our Bookkeeping Services & have worked lots & lots of hours with Singaporean Clients gaining e experience. We strive for your Success & serve you in the best possible way.