Using Projects in XERO
Using Projects in XERO
July 15, 2019
How to do bookkeeping on Xero
July 21, 2019
Xero vs Waveapps Comparison


Various accounting software and business solutions are making rounds in the modern accounting market. As a result, it is all the more essential to analyse upon the distinguishing features and functionalities that these software apps provide. As thriving business personnel, a gist of the services these software products offer. Also, a selection of the right software depends on how far it matches with your business demands.

A software selection should be based on ‘what’ and ‘how’ the business software such as Xero, Wave, QuickBooks, Zoho Books address to. The common concerns hinder or slow the selection of the appropriate software. For your business to run smoothly and work efficiently, an understanding of the requirements of your business and comparison of key functions is the need of the hour. Your emerging business requires handling and management in a swift and convenient yet organized manner.

An average percentage of the overall customer satisfaction and score card gives a rough sketch of the position that each software holds in the market. But for a customized selection, it is necessary to dive deeper into the technicalities of the business solutions to suit your business needs.

Xero accounting software is an established and ever-developing accounting software. It is flexible with respect to accounting based on cloud computing. It can be accessed through any device, zero installation with free upgrades and auto-backup. It can be connected to your bank account and transactions can be automatically reconciled. It is economical, convenient and helps to have secured transactions.

Nothing to install, real-time users, upgrades are free and everything is backed up automatically. Generation of invoices and online payment makes your business to have quick dealings. Get connected to your bookkeeper and accountant with convenient login setups. It aids in networking with other apps. Quite simple and descent!

Basically, it is an accounting management system that abides with your business rules, mission, priorities and goals. And if your business is on the lookout for a long-term committed app Xero comes to your rescue! The inbuilt financial operations make your financial activities to be processed and updated in a speedy manner. This includes data entry operations, core financial and accounting activities. You just need to fill in the basic details with regards to your contacts and transactions.

With the ease of access for financial activities and management such as

  • Billing and invoicing status,
  • bank reconciliation,
  • expense claims,
  • financial reporting,
  • inventory,
  • payroll,
  • purchase orders,
  • multi-currency,
  • GST returns

Xero enhances the functioning of financial transactions and activities in a simplified and easy-go manner.

With the help of cross reference, which approves and authenticates multiple times, secures your business from financial frauds. Further all actions can be surveyed based on the displayed status of items and list of executed actions.

What’s more in store for your business to run better? Xero provides integrations with business software. This helps to improve on software productivity and thereby provide better service to its customers.

Now let us move on to yet another powerful accounting software termed as Wave. It is a free software app that is dedicated to performing financial activities as:

  1. Accounting
  2. Generates invoice, payroll and receipts
  3. Calculates tax
  4. Gathers info on deductions
  5. Maintains yearly record
  6. Makes direct deposit and credit card payments
  7. Provides integration

Basically, it is a compact accounting software tool that works rigorously in serving small business owners for:

  • Ease of set up, maintenance and tracking
    With the set up taking seconds to install and function, your business activities can be started instantly. Your data is not only in safe hands but also accessible anytime and anywhere as per your requirement.You can get your bank and credit card transactions connected to this software in a fluke. As a result your bookkeeping is done by recording your transactions. This deletes the need to manually enter your receipt and helps to generate invoices and bills.Tracking your business health in terms of cash flow on a monthly or yearly report and comparison is possible. This will help you to view your business from a futuristic perspective and in taking necessary decision-making steps.
  • A simple, secured and ordered accounting app
    With smart dashboard that helps to display financial aspects in an orderly fashion, generating tax time becomes simplified. These aspects include income, expenses, invoices and payments.
    A PCI Level-1 certified app, Wave is equipped with servers that extend towards keeping your physical and electronic data safe. Also, access to bank data connections is read-only and encrypted for 256-bit. The software provision for double entry accounting makes it a friendly software for fellow accountants.
  • A few highlights with regards to the accounting functionalities that Wave caters to its users:
    • Reminders for bills and invoices that are scheduled.
    • Updates for bulk transactions, invoicing, payments and payroll data.
    • Customised services for chart of accounts with respect to the specific Account IDs, sales tax.
    • Automated calculations for exchange rates and reconciliation for payment transaction exclusively for Wave users.
    • Multiple business operations carried out for a single account.
    • Connect to other software interfaces like PayPal, Shoeboxed and Etsy.
    • Provision for journal transactions, acceptance of foreign currency payment.

In consideration with the mentioned features for Xero and waveapps, it is observed and understood that both work towards maximization of online accounting for your business purposes. Though Xero is equipped with additional and established features, Wave makes a fresh yet strong foothold in performing and delivering accounting actions that are commendable.

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