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June 22, 2019
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Using Xero as your CRM

CRM with Xero

Using Xero as your CRM

CRM isn’t rocket science but it can make you a competitive Superstar!

Customer Relationship becomes a tiring task if all records of the customers are not maintained well.

In the world of automation, Xero provides easy CRM services.

While you load data to maintain your Book of Accounts on Xero, it also provides you to add your customers as a contact.

These contacts can be easily used for managing your Payment Reminder, Process Information, Updates, etc.

It also shares your individual relationship with the client over a given period of time, listing out transactions and communications.

For industries that deal in bulks, we strongly advise using Xero’s CRM service.

Xero CRM is a cloud-based software that provides you access to your client record on go.

Some benefits of using Xero Software are:

  1. Stores Contact Details
  2. Handles the customer interactions
  3. It creates schedules to remind you about emails and messages
  4. You can use the software to sent adverts.
  5. You can track and analyze your sales team’s performance based on Statistics.
  6. You can also analyze the performance of various campaigns.
  7. It also prevents the duplicity of contacts.
  8. It provides integration with various apps like Insightly.

Thus, CRM is a simple way of expanding and growing your business. As Customers are always the core of any business.

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