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Addons with Xero accounting Software

Xero Accounting Software

Meru Accounting is a leading outsource accounting firm in India. We are a certified XERO accounting expert in India. Therefore, we are giving you more information about Addons with Xero accounting software.

  1. Xero accounting software has got some great add-ons
  2. Reporting
    1. Fathom reporting
    2. Sportlight report
    3. Crunch
  3. Inventory add ons:
    1. Tradegecko
    2. Dear inventory
    3. Neto
  4. Stripe add on and its integration with Xero
    1. Make receiving payment faster with Stripe + Xero

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Add-ons with Xero Accounting Software

In a race of being the best accounting software–Xero has already made its mark. Xero was founded in 2006 and in the recent 11 years has grown worldwide in terms of popularity and functionality.

Addition to being a good accounting software, the key features that it a boost of are –

  • Reporting
  • Inventory Add-ons
  • Stripe add-on and its integration with Xero

Further, let’s take a better look at each of these features.


Reporting with Xero is customizable and an easy process to keep tabs of regular reporting. Xero also offers 65 reports in total which includes 20 that are specific to a payroll. In addition, the basic of balance sheets and payables to comprehensive budgets and depreciation agendas. It also has a detailed income statement which gives a thorough reporting of profit and loss. Moreover, for quicker access, the reports can be starred and can be made according to your preference.

The management reporting tool

Fathom helps you analyze financial reports and enables to track your business performance using Xero accounting data. It also tracks the prime roles of profitability, growth and KPI that make your business progress.

We can do another recommendable method of reporting through Spotlight. This can be done by importing the data from Xero into Spotlight Reporting. It’s a one software solution for creating reports. It also has easy customization and helps you share your reports with others.

However, Another way to have your data wrapped up at one place is by using Crunch with Xero. It helps maintain real-time online reporting for your finances to stay on the top. With a perfect combination of smart cloud software and a dedicated team of experts, it makes work easier and smart.

Inventory Add-ons

The modern and systematic management of inventory is now possible through Tradegecko. All the various details of inventory, orders and customer-managed accounts can be in one place through this software. Overall, it helps save time, helps in engaging with customers–pertaining to more growth and opportunities, it syncs everything in one place–making smart working possible and most importantly it’s all in your control.

When it concerns smaller scale businesses, DEAR Inventory is a web-based inventory management software. The top features that support this software are e-commerce, purchasing, sales, accounting, manufacturing and inventory management. It also helps to plan and track every transaction with additional reports for purchase orders and cost analysis. Hence, integrating with Xero and making it more productive to use.

Precisely managing stock and order all together on one platform can be found on Nato. It boasts of seamless integration, a precise inventory, perpetual stock updates, auto sync of contacts and integrated logistics. All this is double the efficiency of work when used through Xero.

Stripe Add-on and its integration with Xero

In a business where transactions possess one of the most roles, it’s made easy with integration of Stripe with Xero. It is a leading provider in online solutions that enables the simple process of accepting payments through credit as well as debit cards from your clientele.