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Odoo vs Netsuite – Feature Comparison



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About Odoo

Odoo is an all in one business software that helps you manage the dynamics of your business. Therefore, it will take care of your customers, sales, projects, inventories, purchases, websites, e-portals, e-mails, marketing, accounting, etc. In addition, its wide range of software provides you with a solution for different business needs in a hassle freeway. Every application perfectly integrates with each other, while syncing with the data, helping you at one easy solution. Also, its open-source modal helps you customize the software according to your requirements. Check here our full Odoo development service.

About Netsuite

Netsuite is a cloud-based business management software. It keeps track of your business by keeping several operations under specific heads. For instance, it keeps sales, marketing operations, and customer insights under ‘Customer Relationship Management’ (CRM). Similarly, it keeps human resources, orders, inventories, shipping and billing under ‘Enterprise Resource Planning’ (ERP). Therefore, this software is suitable for both small and big businesses.

However, it becomes one of the toughest jobs to choose perfect software that your business finds its compatibility with.

We give the following comparison between the two software I.e Odoo and Netsuite. It will help you sort out what you and your business need for running operations smoothly.

Customer Relationship Management
Odoo manages customer interaction through e-mails and feedback. It also helps to turn potential customers into a real and regular customer.It offers a real-time view of the details of the customers so we can optimize sales through forecasting.
It uses electronic signatures for confirmation of sales. Also, it offers tempting discounts to customers.It helps manage global sales. In fact, it also manages opportunity by reading a customer’s buying processes and fulfils the order requirements by checking availability.
Compare the prices from different vendors and then purchases at the best price level.Monitors the availability of the firm and manages the regular flow.
Sends a request for purchases by reviewing stock level, availability, and manufacturing orders.Manages the proper supply of the inventory to regulate the supply peacefully. Also, keeps track of inventories at different locations.
Generates customized pages for the e-portals, as well as help customers,  track and view their orders and invoices.Equipped with multi-language and multi-currency features. Also, encourage both B2B and B2C type businesses.
AccountingCreates a balance sheet, earnings reports, cash flow statement. Also, efficient in bank synchronizationparticularly ensures it bases the accounting processes on global standards and rules.
Generates Professional invoices for the customers, hence easy to read and understand. It also contains all the details about their order.Generates customer invoices and give them precise information. In addition, email invoicing facility is also available.