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Upcoming Webinar: Mastering Bookkeeping in QuickBooks Online - Advanced Techniques, Date: 14th May, Time: 11:30 AM EST. Upcoming Webinar: Mastering Bookkeeping in QuickBooks Online - Advanced Techniques, Date: 14th May, Time: 11:30 AM EST

Online payroll service that you can rely on

Every small business payroll doesn’t provide you the same service. Some let you enter payroll online but may not handle your local taxes, payments to the employees, or keep your payroll updated with current labor laws. So, we at Meru Accounting are here to provide your complete payroll processing services. We assure customer satisfaction by going beyond the basics of payroll management.

Online payroll services for small business

Experienced and payroll experts at Meru accounting makes online payroll -easy and convenient. We provide automatic calculation of pays, file your federal, state, and local payroll taxes, and help your employees to take initiative for self-service actions. With us, you will have more time to focus on your business growth.

The typical payroll Management versus the Online payroll

In typical payroll management:

  1. 1. You pay extra for multi-state filings and also features that are of no use to your business.
  2. 2. You have to wait long for customer service that makes payroll processing time consuming and delayed.
  3. 3. You need to invest in accounting software such as QuickBooks, Xero, etc., and keep updating it with the latest version to integrate with your system.

Online payroll management:

Benefits of online payroll services.

  1. 1.Time and cost-saving: Online payroll services save your time and cost related to the processing of payrolls. You receive real-time information and services with the use of cloud technology. There is no setup fee. You can simply print checks yourself and can even deposit directly. There are no extra larges levied for multi-state filings or handling 1099 contractors. An ample amount of time is there with you due to the automatic handling of payroll taxes.
  2. 2. Easy, Quick, and Remote: Online payroll service helps to process payroll in a few minutes from your location be it home, work, or even on the road. You can even have to do with a mobile application. The best part of online payroll processing is no more paperwork and filings. Thus, it is easy, quick, and accessible.
  3. 3. Stress-free: As payroll doesn’t end with clearing paychecks, there are other aspects of managing payroll. Online payroll assures stress-free payroll processing. You get 24 x7 customer service from experts. They even take care of payroll taxes at the local, state, and federal levels.
  4. 4.Quality service: You get quality service as your payroll is handled by professional experts. Plus they take care of the confidentiality of the data of the clients. With Meru Accounting, you are working experts backed by a year of experience.