About Us

We are a firm of Professionals operating as virtual accountants for various businesses around the world.

Meru Accounting provides bookkeeping services to clients located in Australia, United States , Jersey, Canada, United Kingdom.

Business Plan Preparation

We help clients in preparing their business plan and help them present their business in best manner.

Setting up business in India

We help foreign clients develop business in India and help them set up operations in India.

Accounting & Auditing Services

Accounting, auditing, and assurance solutions which would assist companies and businesses in improving their credibility relating to financial reporting, improving transparency, as well as streamlining the procedures relating to finance.

Business Formation & Business Strategy Help

Having a long-term focus in mind, we offer you effective solutions for new businesses.

Pillars of Service Delivery at Meru Accounting

  • Value

    We provide best services with best in class manner taking complete care of client needs
  • Quality

    Through various review levels and stilled manpower we provide most effective quality service
  • Responsiveness

    We try to be proactive helping client to resolve the problems at earlier stage and helping business to Grow
  • Customer Feedback

    Constant evaluation helps us in improving and constant quality

Why outsource your books to Meru Accounting?


Where We Server

United Kingdom

Meru Accounting is India’s leading accounting firm and also provides it services in the UK.


New Zealand

Meru Accounting is India’s leading accounting and bookkeeping firm providing its services around the globe. We have our clients in Netherlands also.

We provide our services in following industries

We at Meru Accounting can service almost any industry with our understanding of core accounting principles and their application on business aspects.

Franchise Business

Age Care Business

Farming business

Mining Business

Rental Business



Online Business

Construction Industry Accounting

Work Flow Tools we use for best in class services to clients

  • Google Drive meru accounting
  • DOPDF Meru Accounting
  • Lasatpass Meru Acocounting
  • dropbox-datastore-meru accounting
  • boomerang gmail meru accounting
  • asana-logo-meru accounting
  • expensify Meru Accounting
  • skype-logo Meru Accounting
  • SSM