May 29, 2019
Working on Cash coding in XERO
June 22, 2019

Freshbooks, Xero and Sage, all three softwares are best in their own way. They are the software that are specifically designed for handling the accounts of small business purposes. However, in order to know which one is better in what terms, their feature comparison is necessary. Here, we help you with the qualitative comparison of these softwares in order to clear all the doubts regarding them:


Freshbooks: Freshbooks is an online accounting software suitable for small businesses. It is a cloud based version that helps you create and send invoices, where the payments are automatically recorded. It tracks the cash-flow and helps get payments easily by accepting credit cards and online payments.

Xero: Xero is a very popular accounting software that will let you do various business related

tasks like creating and sending invoices, bank reconciliation, creates dashboard, manage expenses etc. It serves different softwares for different purposes to make accounting hassle-free. Its cloud-based version is also available to give you mobile accessibility.

Sage: Sage is an integrated accounting software that is suitable for all types of business, whether small, medium or large. It updates syncs all your data in real time across different devices, track your expenses, helps your manage your accounting and payroll, prepares your dashboard.

InvoicingCreate professional invoices and send them to customers with the payment details.Send bills & receipts and record their details. It also lets you approve every invoice before sending it to respective customer.Lets you generate invoices and send them through mobile devices.
AccountingIt reduces your workload by automatically creating journals, ledgers accounts, balance sheets etc.
It helps you be organised by recording all the data and sync them automatically. It also generates its backup, in case its required.
It offer you a separate software, ‘XeroHQ’, solely for bookkeeping and accounting purpose.
It is an integrated software that keeps all the details you require for business and creates progress reports and client data with their respective invoices.
Gets your data entry done, reconciles, creates reports and forecasts & manage cashflow.
It offers mobile accessibility to the accounts. The interface of sage is easy to understand that even a layman can use without any difficulty.
CashflowGenerates dashboards containing all the information regarding your expenses and payments received.Xero automatically imports imports all your bank transactions securely. It also reduces the burden of grouping by keeping transactions under specific categories.Manage your finances by keeping records of all the cash flowing in and out, and keeping records online.
TrackingTracks time of your working on hourly basis, so you charge exact from your clients. Also, tracks team productivity for better performance.Xero keeps track of your time and cost and your payments and expenses all at one place. So, you don’t waste time searching for any important information.Sage’s ‘Enterprise Management’ product lets you manage and keep track of your finances, inventory and productions and its supply.
Bank ReconciliationLets customers pay directly through invoices , deposit them in the bank account and transfers the data securely.Xero integrates with major banks of the country to made banking procedure easy and smooth. It helps in increasing efficiency.Manage your money and payments by allowing clients pay through payments apps and credit & debit cards. It also securely record every transaction in easy steps and quickly.
MobilityAll three softwares gives mobile accessibility I.e. you can access your data from anywhere, any time. You can create and send invoices, get any details about any customer or supplier though the apps in your smartphone.

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